Sean Landers

WINDOW, 91 Walker Street, New York

November 5 - December 31, 2021

Anton Kern Gallery is thrilled to present Sean Landers at WINDOW, opening Friday, November 5. Landers will exhibit four new paintings; each a portrait of an animal with a short aphorism scrawled across the top. Furthering his tradition of using the personal as the universal, the accompanying texts to the lynx, dog, raccoon, and deer resonate with the artist’s own history and point of view, while also tapping into the current political, social, and cultural climate. The pairing of these sayings with each animal, and the expressive nature of both beast and text, deftly convey Landers’ sharp and witty insight into humanity.

With thanks to Petzel Gallery for the kind collaboration.

WINDOW is on view 24/7, just walk by and see.